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San Martin Watch

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About San Martin Watches

1, Where Are San Martin Watches Made?

They are made in Dongguan, China. They manufacture a wide range automatic mechanical watches that include a number dress watch, chronograph, GMT, and diver watch models.

2, SKBwatches are official San Martin watches ?

SKBwatches is San Martin Watches Official Authorized store 5 years.    Free shipping, one month return. EU warehouse available, DHL delivery 2-5 days arrive, no tax no stress.

3, What movement is in a San Martin watch?

San Martin models will feature a variety of movements. The movement you get will depend on the model your purchase. Featured movements may include the following:

  • SW200
  • PT5000
  • YN55 (non-branded Orient F6922)
  • NH35 (non-branded Seiko 4R35)
  • Swiss Ronda 6004
  • Swiss Ronda 715
  • Miyota 9015
4, Are San Martin Watches Any Good?

Yes – despite not being a traditional watch “brand,” the manufacturing of their timepieces is high quality and available to consumers at very reasonable prices and using high quality materials like sapphire crystals, ceramic bezels, and enamel dials.

5, Is San Martin A Good Brand?

While some may struggle with this, I believe it may be more appropriate to designate San Martin Watches as a good watch manufacturer as opposed to a “watch brand.” A watch brand connotes a legacy of design and/or innovation or at the very least the imparting of a unique horological perspective and vision.

To be candid though, I would not call these ”luxury watches.” These are affordable, niche-driven enthusiasts wristwatches.

Are San Martin Watches Worth the Money?

San Martin watches are known for their quality, craftsmanship and the unbeatable price in the market, so they certainly are worth the money. Even though their watches are made in China, Their watches are well respected for its accuracy, reliability, and quality control. Just like the San martin watch founder Mr Liao said, many Swiss and German brand watches are made in China, the quality is already approved by the market.

You may not be able to afford a $20,000 Rolex watch, but it is luckily San martin watch can provide a $200 watch to meet your demand. They have more than 100 different watch styles, so you can be sure that there is one can catch your eyes.

All watches you buy from Sino watch store come with a 5 year warranty, making them a great choice if you’re looking for something durable and long-lasting.

Buy San Martin Watches Online

If you’re looking for a surprisingly high quality, super affordable, and accurate wristwatch, then look no further than San Martin watches.

San martin watches are regarded as the homage watch brand, from Seiko to Rolex . Such as the dive watch SN047 (homage to Seiko Prospex SBDC123) and SN0054 (homage to Rolex Explorer II watches).

San Martin watch becomes more and more popular, and you can see tons on the internet shared regarding its top-notch build quality, excellent quality control, and attractive price. At Sino watches, we have the finest selection of this watch brand, and you will find the price from us is even the best.

Whether you are looking for a diver watch, GMT watch or a vintage watch, you can find the one from this brand at our store, we have everything covered. If you are looking for a next watch, then it is worthy to give San Martin watch a try.

Currently the most popular watches from this brand is GMT watch SN0054, retro sub diver watch SN004, Explorer watch SN0107 and Submariner homage watch SN017.